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Non for Profit .. What options are there out there for you using Dynamics GP

Fund accounting by definition is an accounting system emphasizing accountability rather than profitability.  This is used by non-profit organizations and governments.  Most ERP systems are designed to emphasize on profitability not accountability.  Dynamics GP has options for this that will assist you in spending less time managing funding and accounting processes and more time on your mission.  The modules available in Dynamics GP are interfund accounting, control account management, encumbrance management, commitments, and grant management.  Below we will give you the details of each module and how it can help. 

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ISV Spotlight: NonProfitPlus

Non-Profit Organizations have a complex relationship with technology, especially depending on one’s size and the resources available.  We’ve never met a social entrepreneur that has formed a not-for-profit with the end goal of using technology to streamline business processes and  administrative functions.  Non-Profits start as a thought, an idea to create a system that will provide a solution in a community.  Here at NonProfitPlus, we come into contact with organizations that provide noble services such as housing for the homeless, after-school programs for at-risk youth, and life-changing support for recovering addicts.  Their ambitions are admired, their tasks are never-ending and their self-motivation is inspiring.  There is no doubt that these organizations leave a positive mark on communities both near and far.

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