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Save a Tree: Tools to Go Paperless

It is almost that time of year again for KTL Solutions to host its annual Mid-Atlantic Technology User Conference, “Empower the User”.  This will be our eleventh annual user conference and it will be held on May 19, 2016, at the Microsoft Center in Reston, Virginia.  In past user conferences, we have found many users have benefited greatly from the topics presented and have been able to immediately apply some of the information obtained when they returned to their offices.

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Why should you integrate data into your ERP instead of manual data entry?

The first question to ask is what do you mean by integrate data into your ERP?  When I say integrate data into your ERP what I am talking about is taking out the step of manual entry of transactions to loading large batches at once.  There are multiple ways to integrate data into your ERP software and you can integrate all types of data. 

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The Benefits of CRM Systems and Microsoft Dynamics CRM improved Integration with Outlook

My question to you is; why wouldn’t you be using a CRM system?

CRM’s refer to allons between a business and its customers.  CRM systems not only help manage your business and relationships with clients it also provides s number of important benefits to both small and large companies including increasing revenue and decreasing costs.  What business or business owner wouldn’t want to do that?

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