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How to increase profits and sales using CRM

Many times business executives get caught up in the details and miss the big picture. How do I increase sales, profits, and productivity? The answer might be right on your computer. Using Dynamics CRM, many options are available to easily and quickly increase your company's bottom line. Catching the attention of the Executive or Business owners in how to achieve better sales and profits and make more money is sometimes easier said then done. CRM is a company wide tool using technology to support a business strategy to improve, analyze and automate company sales, customer services, and marketing by combining them to improve the sales and profits of the company.  

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5 Reasons Your Rapid Company Growth Might be Increasing Your Sales Tax Liability

Nexus —the connection between a company and taxing jurisdictions that triggers a sales tax liability—gets thornier the faster your company grows. Surprisingly, more revenue can mean more complexity and potentially greater risk of sales tax audit (more money, more problems?).

Here are 5 areas of sales tax risk relating to business growth and what you can do to address them:

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