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Financial Forecasting, Planning, and Adjusting– Is it Really Necessary?

Forecasting, budgeting, business planning; what is the big deal?  It is an important topic and at our User Conference, we had sessions and speakers talking about this. In the past, some mid-sized and most small companies have managed to grow and be profitable without formal planning and strategic visions.  For some executives, budgeting and planning seems like a lot of wasted effort to creating fictional numbers that are a guess today and completely irrelevant in six months!  

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Using Power BI to combine Financial and Social Data for More Powerful Analytics

In my last blog post we talked about Power BI Designer Preview and why I was lovin’ it.  In this post I’m going to use Microsoft’s most recently Power BI tool to connect to my SQL server instance to analysis my Google Analytics data, Marketing data and CRM opportunities.

Connect to your SQL Data

Let’s get started by selecting the Get Data button in the top left corner and then select SQL Server

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