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Dynamics GP Development for Web Client with Custom Rendering

With the advent of the web client, a lot of things have had to change in the way we create customizations in Dynamics GP. VBA is not used with the web client, so right away, all those old VBA customization are going to need to be re-done in Dexterity or Dot Net. Many existing Dot Net add-ons will need to be updated to work with the web client, especially when it comes to rendering the forms for the web client.

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How to Set Work Hours for Dynamics CRM Users

The most overlooked setting during CRM user setup are the work hours. Setting up the work hours for a user/facility/equipment record has always been an afterthought (at least for me). Then again, this setting becomes more relevant and important to setup when you are scheduling resources., This is especially true in setting up the service module or as part of any project management/field service module where appointments are being setup for tasks.  For those who may not know where this setting exists, it can be found by navigating to ;Settings->Security->Users.'  Open any user record, and in the navigation for the user record, you can find the “WORK HOURS” navigation tile. You can access the resources work hours by navigating to ;Settings->Business Management -> Facilities/Equipment.' The resource entity still uses the old CRM form layout so the work hour navigation can be accessed from within the form.

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Modification to Bulk Update the Parent Account: MSFT Dynamics CRM

No one enjoys opening up each record, one at a time, to update a field with the same value in your company’s CRM. This is why the bulk edit feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is such a great tool, especially if the field you need to update is a Lookup field. This ends up saving a bunch of clicks and ultimately, time. One thing I never really noticed though, is that while most fields can be edited there is one on the Account that stood alone. The Parent Account. Since I hadn’t had a need to ever update this field en masse myself it wasn’t until a client wanted to change the Parent Account on multiple records that I realized CRM has the lookup link grayed out. Meaning, Read More »

Leverage Your GP Reports Outside of GP!

Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with around 260 SQL reports ready to be used? These reports can be used right out of the box and they don’t require any modifications. Imagine if you could make these reports available to non-GP users; just put them on your company’s internal website; or build an iframe in CRM and display GP data inside CRM. Well, you can do all of this and more if you manage to get these reports out of GP. The way to do this is to deploy them to SQL Server Reporting Services.

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Upcoming Updates to SQL in 2016

Coming in 2016, the newest upgrades and features to SQL have developers everywhere speculating about the future. Microsoft has designed the 2016 release of SQL to be easy to use, traditional in application appearance and control, and most importantly data-secure. The most exciting new feature for SQL in 2016 is called Always Encrypted. Microsoft has created an extra layer of data security so that even when you are working with sensitive data such as social security numbers or credit card numbers, the data is secure. This ensures that even at the most vulnerable time for an attack, while data is being used, a person’s identity and company’s reputation are safe. The best part about this upgrade and its new features is that it will not hinder the performance of the application. 

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Strategies to keep your CRM data clean

With most CRM systems or for that matter any enterprise systems we often hear this saying “Garbage in Garbage out” about the data that resides in these systems. The reality is that most systems do have garbage data and each organization uses different methods to maintain/scrub/cleanse their data. Some organizations use a data warehouse where data is synced from different sources and normalized, the data warehouse is used as the master data source for all reporting and transactional data still remains in the same state. In another situation an ERP would be the source for the master data and all other systems like CRM would sync and integrate with the ERP data. But each system has its users and they too would like to maintain good data. In a modern system like Dynamics CRM, it provides a lot of methods to maintain your data. The following methods can be deployed to keep you data clean:- 

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3 fundamental steps to build a Top Notch Software

Creating a software is an art, and here at KTL, we take it seriously!

Building software that meets business requirements is quite a tedious process. It involves various disciplines to come together in order to gather requirements, design, code, test and deploy. The journey of a software does not end here, in fact it is just set on a long sail and is expected to do its duty and perform here on. This is when the durability of the software is tested and it is rated as mediocre or class apart. I am going to discuss a few principles that we follow to make a software that customers want to ‘Take Home’ and ‘Keep’.

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