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Paying Employee Expenses By EFT Part 2

In part 1 – We went thru the steps to setup the Company EFT Information. In this Section we will go thru the steps to setup the Employee as a Vendor and to setup the EFT Information for that Vendor.

Step One – Create a Vendor Class – this class will be assigned to all Employees setup for Expenses

Go To Purchasing >> Setup >> Vendor Class

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Dynamics GP & CRM Integration Demystified: Part 2

Continuing from my previous post about Dynamics GP & CRM integration I will go over the tools and technical details on the integration. You don’t have to decide on the integration tool right from the beginning, again it will depend on your requirements and also keeping in mind your future needs. The marketplace is flooded with a lot of integration tools for GP and CRM so take your time in understanding your needs and then choose the integration application. 

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