Our development department is where your solution is born. It is where KTL Solutions’ expert team of developers bring experience and creativity together to allow you to not compromise, and take command of your processes.

It doesn’t matter if it is web-based, on premises, or a web application, you will be involved throughout the entire process, helping mold a solution that not only works with your business, but is designed to grow with you. Our experienced team of developers has built custom solutions including:

A sophisticated ecommerce website that:
  • Calculates the best shipping methods based on local time, and address, as well as considering perishables and weight.
  • Takes into consideration buyer preferences order deadlines.
  • Contains client-based logic for frequent purchase, or regularly scheduled orders.
  • Accommodates delivery timing to a single location from multiple warehouses so the final order is all received at once.
A management and logistics control system that provides:
  • Communication between multiple systems that allows users to add, manage, and remove equipment and resources.
  • Purchase order management that feeds directly into company’s ERP.
  • The ability to create work orders, communicating with other departments to notify of maintenance or repair on equipment.
  • Maintenance logging and tracking, keeps users up-to-date with schedules, reminders, and repair history.

We believe your imagination is our only limitation. We are committed to developing the solution that benefits your organization.