No organization works the same, and neither should your off-the-shelf business solutions.

Out-of-the-box solutions have their benefits, however, customizations can be essential for supporting your business’ process and required for your organization’s continued growth. Customizations allow the solution to work the way you need it to, dovetailing common functionality with features unique to your organization.

KTL Solutions looks beyond your industry standards. We look for limitations in these solutions that are causing pain points in your organization. We then deliver an effective, yet elegant, solution that alleviates roadblocks and finds hidden opportunities to get your organization working the way it was meant to.

KTL Solutions’ team of developers and consultants have:
  • Customized and integrated a client’s storefront and back-end ERP system to allow the ability to sync orders between the storefront and the organizations accounting system to keep all systems updated
  • Unique CRM plugins that provide fully functional timekeeping capability
  • Developed credit card processing solutions to accept and process credit card payments, process the transaction and then capture the payment and funds in their accounting systems
  • Built customizations onto existing accounting systems to:
    • Allow users to create copies of a sales order
    • Provide a more robust lookup screen within the accounting system
  • Built custom commissions calculation that:
    • Allow commissions to be calculated on the net sale amount
    • Calculate commissions on a tiered commissions rate table
    • Provide a dashboard for the team to show commissions owed, pending commissions and previous commissions paid
  • Created an entity wide resource system that managed transportation related equipment such as vehicles and freight
    • Key functionality was to provide maintenance reporting, service availability, client utilization, billing, and fueling requirements.
  • Created a manufacturing module, offering a simple interface for creating and managing production orders (jobs)
    • The system allows clients to supply additional specifications for inventory items that are then used in the manufacturing process.