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How to Pick the Right ISV

Almost every major software company encourages and solicits other companies, knows as ISV’s, to develop solutions for their packages to give them a broader appeal.  For those that aren’t sure what an ISV is, an ISV, called an independent software vendor, develops software that integrates or works with an application to add additional functionality.

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Microsoft Convergence 2015: Five Takeaways and a Brave New World

Microsoft Dynamics’s Convergence, a gathering of 12,000 customers, partners and Microsoft employees, was great this year.  Almost transformative, and as an experienced Convergence attendee, here are my five takeaways that make me think this was a great Convergence:

1. The president of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, attended and was the keynote speaker.  Ballmer was absent the last two years, which for me, was not an issue, as his messaging was stale and confirmed in my mind he did not understand business applications.   See number five below for more detail about why the keynote was so transformative.

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