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How To: Modify Dynamics GP with Modifier and Dot Net

For years I have been creating customizations for Microsoft Dynamics GP using a combination of Modifier and VBA. This has always worked well for me in the past with a few quirks and hiccups in VBA from time to time. I have created simple additional fields on screens, complex logic to enhance our customers business and many other types of projects. All of this has worked well, been easy to upgrade to the next GP version and been basically stable code for many years.

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OWIN Specification.

The Open Web Server Interface for .Net or OWIN for short is a specification that is meant to decouple the dependency a web application has on a specific web server technology. It specifies a simple delegate function that is used to separate a server and application and to let the server know how to pass the responsibility of filling out the response data to the application.

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