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OWIN Specification.

The Open Web Server Interface for .Net or OWIN for short is a specification that is meant to decouple the dependency a web application has on a specific web server technology. It specifies a simple delegate function that is used to separate a server and application and to let the server know how to pass the responsibility of filling out the response data to the application.

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3 fundamental steps to build a Top Notch Software

Creating a software is an art, and here at KTL, we take it seriously!

Building software that meets business requirements is quite a tedious process. It involves various disciplines to come together in order to gather requirements, design, code, test and deploy. The journey of a software does not end here, in fact it is just set on a long sail and is expected to do its duty and perform here on. This is when the durability of the software is tested and it is rated as mediocre or class apart. I am going to discuss a few principles that we follow to make a software that customers want to ‘Take Home’ and ‘Keep’.

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