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CRM ISV Spotlight: Dynamics CRM 2016 Workflow Tools

Dynamics CRM has come a long way to become an established, and at the same time an evolving platform. There are several ISV solutions that have extended Dynamics CRM beyond a traditional CRM and provided many vertical solutions. One of the ISV solutions I would like to highlight today is “Dynamics CRM 2016 Workflow Tools” by demian_rasko on CodePlex. Like a lot of CRM add-on solutions on CodePlex, this one provides additional functionality at the CRM platform level; and the best part – it is free. This solution is available for Dynamics CRM On-Premises and Dynamics CRM Online, as well as a managed solution. Besides all these benefits, the source code behind this solution is open source, so if you are a developer then you can certainly extend it further to your requirements and add/contribute to this community.

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