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IT for Accountants: What is RDP and why do I need it?

So, its 4pm on Thursday and you’re having an issue with payroll in GP. You’re not sweating it because you know that you have an amazing VAR who is going to get this all straightened out for you. You call in and get your consultant on the phone and they tell you they are going to use RDP to get on your machine and see what the problem is. You sit there confused but not wanting to let them know that you have no idea what’s happening. A million thoughts race through your head… “What’s RDP? Should I have this? Do I need it? Why don’t I know?” 

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The Importance Upgrading

We often say that accounting systems are “sticky”. Once you find one that works for your business you feel locked in because of:

1. The cost. 
2. The fact that you need it up and running every single day so that your business can function efficiently.

The problem is that most organizations are constantly evolving and changing and re-evaluating their needs. You may now need functionality that was not initially needed when you implemented the system. How do you rectify this without starting from scratch with a new system? It’s actually quite simple; you upgrade your current system. 
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