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How to Pay Employee Expenses by EFT (Part 1)

Why Pay Employee Expenses as an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)?
1) Ensure Employees receive their expense reimbursements in a timely manner
2) Save time not printing checks / getting checks signed / stuffing envelopes / mailing payments
3) Automatically Email EFT Remittances to Employees

Steps to Setup the Company Side of the EFT Transaction

Setup Company EFT Information (You will need to work with your Bank for the file layout specifications and preferred transmission method)
1) Go To Financial >> Cards >> CheckBook
2) Select the Appropriate CheckBook

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What a Horse has Taught Me About Leadership

For those of you that know me on a personal level, you know that I own a Thoroughbred Rescue Farm and that I also compete in Eventing in my spare time.  Being around and working with horses can teach you a lot about yourself.  You have to learn how to communicate with a 1000lb+ animal.  It first starts with building trust.  And once gained, the horse will look to you to be their leader. 

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