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Uploading Fixed Assets into Acumatica ERP

In previous blog posts, we have learned how two ways to get fixed asset purchases into Acumatica ERP. The first was entering them manually and the other was to create the fixed asset records from purchases. Both of these methods work and are extremely efficient when entering a few fixed assets. In some situations, your company may purchase many fixed assets at the same time which would make manual entry a long laborious process. Using the built in function of Integration Services in Acumatica ERP, one can quickly create a routine that will import multiple fixed assets into the system using data from an Excel spreadsheet.

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Converting Purchases to Fixed Assets in Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica Cloud ERP is one of the many ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems that contain a fixed asset module as part of the application.  Having an integrated fixed asset module automates the management of a company’s fixed assets. The automation of this allows an organization to dump their convoluted Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or Microsoft Access Database for managing the fixed asset process. Using a spreadsheet or database to manage your fixed still leaves you with making journal entries to record monthly depreciation expense and disposal of assets when they are sold or retired. You are also subject to errors during data entry not only of the journal entry itself, but also of the initial setup of the asset in the spreadsheet or database.

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