Federal and State

Consulting with government agencies can be extremely complex. Part of the reason for these complexities are the rules and regulations contractors must meet with when working with the government. In order to meet with these requirements, you need a sound strategy.   KTL Solutions can help your organization develop a strategic plan to navigate these complexities. We do this by leveraging our advanced knowledge of government cost accounting requirements, implementing systems and processes to meet compliance, assist through audits, and improve your business process flows.

The team of professionals at KTL Solutions has experience in accounting, finance, and government contracting, with past industry experience as contract managers, implementation, and project managers, as well as CFOs.


Local municipalities have their own unique challenges involving managing spending, driving economic growth within the community, and creating opportunities for their constituents. KTL Solutions has worked with many local agencies and utilities over the years helping them achieve objectives, create better financial benchmarks, and generate a better platform to monitor construction, taxation, growth and other trends important to the community.