API Development

What is API?

An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing web-based software applications or Web tools. Software companies release their APIs to the public so other software developers can design products powered by its service. Whenever you open up Yelp to search for a new restaurant nearby and see a vast sea of red dots over top of a Google Map, that is because Yelp has just laid their data over the existing Google Map API that Google has already developed. It’s using preexisting software and building on top of it.

Why do I need API Development?

If APIs allow for consistency when accessing a Web-based software application or Web tool, why do you need one? Do you have a web tool? Do you have a web based software application that you want to be accessed in a consistent way? Building APIs allow outside developers to implement your software, using the best practices already built in. KTL Solutions development team helps develop an API strategy that fits your business. This strategy will not only work today, but will allow for growth in the future.