Companies are required to provide higher-quality information faster and more efficiently. Through the various types of reporting, companies are able to meet compliance, gain insight into projects, and get a snapshot into the company as a whole.

KTL Solutions understands the importance of reporting. Flexibility within your reporting tool is a necessity if your company is looking to grow.  We have the knowledge and creativity to put together the right solution to meet your reporting needs.

Finding the Right Reporting Tool for Your Needs

Reporting solutions need to take into account the needs of each department in an organization. The solution should remove the burden put on IT. There are many categories that reporting can fall into. Below is a list of some examples that may benefit your organization.

  • Enterprise Reporting: Extends reporting and analysis capabilities. Enterprise Reporting allows key stakeholders to have immediate access to vital information.
  • Web-based Reporting: Allows companies to run reports anywhere at anytime, thus providing a higher level of flexibility specific to data access. Ideal for organizations that have a geographically dispersed workforce.
  • Document Generation: Create a common document layout providing for better standardization across the organization. This helps in creating a common document library.
  • Client Facing Reporting: Organizations are delivering reporting to their clients and customers more via portal and email. KTL Solutions can help provide a reporting solution that will help achieve this goal.
  • Mobile Reporting: Provides mobile reporting capabilities for employees on the go. We can help format and generate mobile reporting tools to satisfy the highly mobile.
  • Customized Reporting: Because each organization is unique, an out-of-the-box solution may not work for your business needs. KTL Solutions has an experienced team that can create custom reports that will fulfill your needs.