Author: Andrew Fraser

CRM Welcomes the Era of our Social Customer.

The business world is entering the “era of the customer,” and customers now expect to be able to interact with businesses quickly and through a variety of channels. They expect to have the ability to access information wherever and whenever they want.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help transform organizations into this “era of the social customer” by helping organizations understand their customers – who they are, where they are, and where they want to be tomorrow.  This may be achieved through Social Listening and Social Insights.

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Document Management System…What?

What is a Document Management System and what are the benefits to my organization?

Document Management can be defined as the storage, tracking, and managing of electronic documents and images from paper based information captured through a scanner, computer file, email, etc.   So at the simplest level, all PCs could be defined as a basic document management system.  

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