KTL Solutions specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting for small to mid-sized private and public sector organizations in the mid-Atlantic region. As experts in the field of ERP, KTL Solutions will help your organization identify and categorize the most important areas of your business. We will help identify a solution based on your needs using our decades of experience in the industry. We will also help you by identifying add on products that will serve your business best. We understand that businesses operate differently and we approach each implementation with this in mind. We use best practices and practical, industry knowledge and our consultants will work with your team to build a solution that works for you. KTL Solutions will:

  • Identify key functional requirements.
  • Identify any gaps requiring attention.
  • Maximize growth potential by selecting an ERP that allows for continued growth.
  • Implement strategies that make your organization work efficiently.
  • Help provide automation to consolidate your work processes.
  • Train your staff in the new process and solutions.
  • Provide ongoing support for any questions you may have with your new system.