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Third-Party Phobia

If you have ever attended Microsoft Convergence (may it rest in peace) and have walked the expo hall, then you are aware of the hundreds, even thousands of add-on products to Microsoft Dynamics. Any industry, any problem – there’s a product for it. However, some people are still against the idea of using third-party products. Why is that? Here are some third-party phobic myths I hear often.

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CRM ISV Spotlight: Dynamics CRM 2016 Workflow Tools

Dynamics CRM has come a long way to become an established, and at the same time an evolving platform. There are several ISV solutions that have extended Dynamics CRM beyond a traditional CRM and provided many vertical solutions. One of the ISV solutions I would like to highlight today is “Dynamics CRM 2016 Workflow Tools” by demian_rasko on CodePlex. Like a lot of CRM add-on solutions on CodePlex, this one provides additional functionality at the CRM platform level; and the best part – it is free. This solution is available for Dynamics CRM On-Premises and Dynamics CRM Online, as well as a managed solution. Besides all these benefits, the source code behind this solution is open source, so if you are a developer then you can certainly extend it further to your requirements and add/contribute to this community.

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Dynamics ISVs…Use Your Partner!

In previous blogs, I have touched on the sheer number of Dynamics ERP ISVs (third party products). They are great tools to add on to an accounting system, however choosing out of the thousands can be a daunting task. Implementing them can also be quite an undertaking. It involves multiple systems, and should involve several parties, not just the ISV but also your Dynamics Partner and IT personnel/company.  All too often us partners get calls from clients saying they have purchased a product that was supposed to solve all their problems and now they have no clue how to use it and their ERP is crashing. 

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