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Making the Case for Microsoft SharePoint

So you have probably heard it all when it comes to SharePoint, huh?

Throughout my Client ventures, I still hear the questions, “Well, what can SharePoint do for me?” “Our business is too small, does it make sense for us to deploy?”  “What hardware or resources will I need?” “What’s my ROI?” and finally, “Can we use that in the cloud?”

In past years, SharePoint was a larger on-Premise more complicated platform that needed Administration, Developers, Maintenance, Site managers, and sometimes full team collaboration to make a successful best practices deployment and positive user experiences. This is still needed in some environments, but clearly some things have changed.

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KTL-etc: Your Cloud, Your Way.

Over the last several years we have heard a lot about the cloud: How easy it is to move business applications to the cloud; how IT departments are making this part of their strategic business plans; and the different initiatives coming about on how to save companies money and gain efficiencies.  IT is now able to off load hardware and software administrative and resource overhead to hosting providers.  This is empowering them to not only concentration on, but to be a PART of, strategic technology planning efforts for their organizations.  This is an overall benefit to the organization, and I believe an unexpected but welcomed result of the cloud movement.  

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