Project Management

KTL Solutions believes that all projects require proper oversight of the work effort.  This includes quality work, being on schedule, and within budget. For every client, our certified project managers are responsible for all aspects of management from initiation to closeout.

Companies choose KTL Solutions for quick turnarounds and adherence to budgets, all while requiring quality results. Utilizing proven methodologies, we tailor each project to our client’s needs, while providing project planning, frequent communication and project scheduling.


Project Planning

Our projects all start with a kick-off meeting to identify needs and goals. These vary from full day, on site meetings to shorter conference calls depending on the size and needs of the project. During these initial meetings, KTL Solutions establishes the parameters of the project, lines of communication, and define the scope of the project.


Lines of Communication and Scheduling

As part of the overall project, KTL Solutions, Inc. knows that communication is key. Many projects fail simply because the parties have not discussed expectations or requirements. We establish regular meetings or conference calls as needed during the span of the project. Status reports and updates are set based upon the size of the project and client preferences. This also ties into the overall project plan.

Scheduling: Internal and External

KTL Solutions establishes a set schedule from the beginning. This includes deadlines and individual milestones tracked during the project. Goals and requirements may change, so we maintain the flexibility to handle changes as they arise.


Our Methodologies

Many of our development projects are iterative in nature and therefore lend themselves to the Agile methodology. We take into account many aspects of the project prior to establishing the most appropriate methodology. We use current industry best practices to manage projects, while continuing to rely on well-established methods.

We work with our clients using our industry specific knowledge to ensure that your objectives and requirements are met. Our methods produce projects that are compliant, technically sound, and cost effective.