Why work in a box when your company is designed to work outside of it?

Selecting the correct Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a huge decision and can have a large impact on your business. You need a solution that can function and grow as a part of your business. It needs to be flexible, yet provide structure where needed. Choosing KTL Solutions as your CRM partner allows you access to our experienced team of consultants and developers to:

  • Configure a solution to fit your specific industry and organizational needs.
  • Design from industry best practices and to eliminate your pain points.
  • Integrate with your current systems.
  • Migrate your data to your new system without losing vital information.
  • Have access to your data, using dashboards and reports keeping your key performance indicators right at your fingertips.

KTL Solutions recognizes that each organization can have a dynamic sales process and needs a solution that is highly configurable. Our consultants have designed and built systems for clients across several industries such as finance, life sciences, non-profit, manufacturing, and food service. Our solutions dovetail with ecommerce, field service, inventory, and many other business tools. Our experienced team of CRM consultants is available on any need.

KTL Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with specialties in the following CRM Solutions. KTL Solutions prides themselves in their consultant’s broad knowledge on a range of other CRM solutions, add-ons, and integration tools with different industries. If you are interested in the following solutions or would like to obtain information on references or other CRM tools available, please contact KTL Solutions here.