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KTL Holiday Party

Maryland in December brings with it an almost whimsical atmosphere.  From the crisp winter air, the carolers in small towns, and the busy streets filled with holiday lights, it makes every moment have a feeling of happiness towards another successful year. The KTL Holiday party is no different. Employees from across the country fly in to celebrate 12 months of team success with a party in their honor.

This year, like in years’ prior, the Leadership Team at KTL brought everyone together in Brewer’s Alley, a quaint local tavern, to show their appreciation for everything that has happened.  Conversations about the successful wins and unfortunate losses by our experienced sales team, the creative solutions put together by our consultants, and the new products developed by our developers filled the air.  This year was extra special as two KTL employees were honored by the Leadership Team for their hard work and dedication to our clients and in the office.

Star Award – Andrew Lally, Development

Andrew Lally was honored with this year’s Star Award for the tremendous work he does within KTL day-to-day.  In not only being one of KTL’s expert developers, Andrew also handles the organization’s IT department. If someone’s outlook goes haywire or the website goes down Andrew is who KTL calls to fix it. Many of KTL’s team depends on Andrew’s expertise to handle, what some consider, small stuff. But, that small stuff impacts a lot of how KTL communicates day-to-day.

Positivity Award – Scott Florance, Consulting

This year’s Positivity Award went to Scott Florance, one of KTL’s CRM Consultants.  Scott consults on some of our biggest accounts and always leaves them feeling appreciated and in a better understanding of how to solver their problems when it arises. Scott has a way of finding the silver linings in any situation. Whether it be in helping a client solve a CRM issue or gathering KTL employees to find out where should we go for lunch, Scott finds the bright side of everything he does.

Overall, KTL’s Holiday party was a success. It was a great night of remembering the past 12 months of 2015 and a look into what we should all strive to achieve in the upcoming year of 2016. KTL is excited to see what this new year will bring and we hope you will all join us for another wonderful ride!

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