Login Module Included: Authentication Using ASP.Net Core 2.1 Identity

It comes with a Login module, right?

After spending a solid 4 hours getting requirements for a Web App, I was asked this question in a very nonchalant way. There are no two answers to it, Authentication has become a very basic feature, so basic, that every client assumes that it will be included in the “package.”  They don’t expect to spend extra money or carve out any additional development time for it.

It is needless to say that this Login module should offer all the basic features like password hashing, reset password, forgot password, two-factor authentication, login using external providers such as Facebook, Google, etc.

In all honesty, this expectation is not far-fetched. All the decent websites out there offer these basic features for a Login module and so it is not out of ordinary to expect to see them it in your newly built, modern, Web App. 

If only there was a switch that would let developers include Login module, oh wait … there is!!!

With minimal coding and options for Scaffolding, developers can now get Authentication modules up and running in considerably less amount of time. In my blog, I am going to describe how you can implement Authentication using latest ASP.Net Core framework 2.1.