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How Teams Can Help Save You Millions

Teams is designed to streamline communication and collaboration within an organization. With Microsoft teams, coworkers can call, chat, share files, schedule meetings, and much more on a single platform. It is designed for groups of all kinds. You can get started with the free, no-commitments version. Or, for a more holistic solution, get Teams as part of the best-in-class suite of productivity tools with Office 365 Business Premium or Office Enterprise E3. 

To learn about the features that Teams offer, check out this video:

By making it easier for your team members to work better together, studies have shown that companies have reduced their amount of downtime as well. In the study, The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams, it can reduce downtime as much as 14.6% when employees have resources readily available on Teams. When workers can efficiently find what they are after, it not only lessens the time, but frustration and annoyance as well. creating a more productive work environment overall.  

As a result of improved efficiency, it leads to boosted productivity and collaboration within an organization as well. Not only does having all the files on a single place make every team member’s life easier, but Microsoft is also consistently introducing new features, applications, and integrations for Teams. This means having all the tools you need on a single platform too.  

In addition to having your important files in a centralized area, Microsoft also offers a wide variety of tools like the Office 365 suit, SurveyMonkey, and InVision that users can utilize without ever leaving the platform. Both the employees and the management team can now better prioritize time-sensitive communication within teams and easily manage communications. 

Ultimately, what all of this can mean for companies is that it can decrease operational cost. Especially if you’re ready using Microsoft products, maximize your Microsoft investment by moving your team move away from the more traditional email threads and multiple attachments and become more comfortable with a streamlined method of collaboration. 

In the same study that was mentioned previously, having resources in one cloud-based location, compared to on-premises solutions, the time saved is worth $258,000 across information and Firstline Workers. To go even further, a company has even reported a net saving of $6.9 million in total time saving over a three-year period.  

While your savings may not be as significant as this company’s, Teams is a tool I recommend everyone to check out and at least give the free version a try. It is a tool my team uses daily and one of the most comprehensive collaboration solutions available in the market; even includes gifs.  

If you are interested or have any additional questions regard Teams, do not hesitate to contact our KTL team. We have a dedicated team of consultants and experts that are readily available to answer any of your questions or inquires.  

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