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GL Summary Balances not accurate

Sometimes in Dynamics-GP you will notice that the GL Summary balances for either historical years or current hears are not accurate.  You run reconcile but the amounts don’t appear in the Inquiry Summary window.  You can try this tip to correct the problem.

  1. Launch Query Analyzer or Studio Manager depending on which version of SQL Server you are using
  2. Create a new query window

  3. Change to the company database you are having an issue with

  4. Execute the following scripts to save your data

    1. select * into GL10110_BACK from GL10110

    2. select * into GL10111_BACK from GL10111

  5. Execute the following scripts to delete the data.  Don’t worry we just saved the data
    1.  delete GL10110
    2. delete GL10111
  6. Log into Dynamics-GP and run reconcile for General Ledger by going to Tools->Utilities->Financial->Reconcile.  Reconcile data for each of your historical years Starting with oldest year.  Then reconcile data for your open years starting from the oldest year.

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