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There are so many products out there that work with Dynamics GP, how do you know if the product will work for your company and business processes?

What are the odds that you can get a free trial and use it with your company data?

There are a lot of Dynamics Product providers out there that offer free 30-day trials on both the pre-determined demonstration data and your company’s test data.

Below is a brief list of some of the participants that offer a trial and what their product does.

Rockton Software has many products that allow for a 30-day free trial.  All products are fully functional and work indefinitely on the Microsoft Dynamics GP test company and will provide test keys to work directly in production companies.


When did payment terms get changed? Who gave an employee an unauthorized raise? Where? How? Why?

With the Auditor product a simple (yet robust) data-change management tool can answer all these questions.  You will have the flexibility of tracking data changes for many reasons.  If you want the added insurance to protect your data integrity, or compliance audits due to industry regulations or SOX legislation the Auditor product has you covered.


Dynamics Great Plains has a lot of options out of the box but there are always some wants that customers have that don’t come standard with GP. Because of this, the tool box has a total of 27 add-ons.  These add-ons are designed to save you time, money, and frustration and improve your Dynamics GP user experience.

Here are the 27 tools included:

            Enhance System Security:

Everyone has users that don’t log out correctly and need to be kicked out. This is the tool to help with that. You can also lock out users for too many password attempts.

This tool includes: Password Policy Options, Inactivity timeout, User Lockout, Safe Login, Redirect, Security Manager, and Security What if?

            Accelerate IT Administration:

Maintaining consistency and order with your 3rd party product installations and your GP login is sometimes arduous work.  This is the tool designed to help with all that.

This tool includes: Version Pro, Login Logging, System Lockout, and Conditional Field Level Security.

            Simplify Business Processes:

Everyone is looking for a way to simplify and get things done faster around the office.  This tool allows for multi-level approval or payments, managing fiscal periods from one screen, and resetting posting batches.

This tool includes, Reason for Hold, DocSync, Payment Approval, Period Open/Close, Reset Batches, and Batch Review Window.

            Improve the User Experience:

Users deserve a helping hand every so often and this tool is that hand.  Users will get detailed information about windows and fields and there are even some widgets to improve the user experience.

This tool includes Mentor, Inspector, Popups and Widgets.

Over all Product Highlights

  • Access a suite of 27 valuable tools in one single GP add-on
  • Get more from your GP investment with extended capabilities
  • Give your users self-service tools that enable them to be more productive
  • Utilize your GP licenses more effectively
  • Prevent unauthorized access and activity

Dynamics Report Manager

Any user in Dynamics GP runs reports. These reports can be spread across multiple applications.  Within Dynamics GP, Microsoft created Report groups. However, that only allows you to group the reports within your Dynamics GP. What about your Management Reporter reports or any SSRS reports that you may need to run?  This product allows users to launch reports from a variety of sources and programs all within one spot. With the Report manager’s centralized and intuitive interface, users don’t need to understand different reporting engines.  Your users will have the flexibility to group, sort, manage and configure reports in one spot and choose when they want to print, email and save them.  The ability to schedule and distribute reports on your terms is also available.

Omni Price

Are you a Dynamics GP user that offers different pricing to your customers based on different contracts?  Omni Price takes Microsoft Dynamics GP’s pricing, invoicing and sales order processing modules to a new level of easy.  It is built to work with GP’s standard pricing and gives you extra capabilities to extend your pricing power.

            Multiple Contract Pricing Options:

This allows you to specify what customers, items or dates will drive a special price over the standard GP pricing as well as prioritize your contracts to automatically find the best price.  There is an Excel import/export that keeps contracts organized and accessible.

            11 Variable Pricing Calculations:

Users have access to a comprehensive pricing matrix to create special calculations. This includes fixed price, fixed adjustment, percent of cost, percent of price, discounts, markups, margins and more.

            Flexible Filters:

Users can apply pricing as you need without reconfiguring for every customer or item.  Optional date filters allow you to define date ranges for valid pricing to accommodate special promotions.  There is even the mass update tool that will allow an update to all, or one contract at a time.

            Simplified Pricing Markdowns or Adjustments:

This allows you to change a unit price or keep the original price and apply the difference to the markdown amount.


            Do your users spend time looking up information in Microsoft Dynamics GP or third-party products?  Everyone knows that the transactions and information is there, but sometimes coming up with the magic combination of words, numbers, or phrases is a time-consuming process and a pain.  With SmartFill there is a search bar and you type in what you know.  If you only know a few letters of a name or part of an ID– that is no problem.  Type in what you know, and you will have a list of matches.  You will see comparable items that might have typos, so you don’t enter anything twice.  There are over 4,000 pre-defined lookups that are built-in so right out of the box you will be ready to search and go.  You can also create custom lookups on the fly.


Do you use Dynamics 365? No need to worry, Rockton has products for you too. These also come with a free trial.

Dynamics 365 products

Recurring Billing

Do you have recurring invoices? Is the process managing them monotonous and time consuming?  This is the product for you.  The recurring billing application can accurately and efficiently streamline this process.  This product will implement flexible billing schedules, payment reminders, and penalty calculations.  The flexible billing schedules let you bill annually, quarterly, monthly or even daily.  If you have one or one hundred billing schedules, each can be fully customized based on common billing attributes.  You can also create invoices on demand or automate the process by scheduling them to automatically generate for you.

Tax Processing

Do you sell a product that require taxes to be applied?  The Tax Processing application provides users across all industries an automated approach to tax calculation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.  This will help eliminate manual calculations, increase accuracy, and save time for your entire team!  There is also an integration built with Avalara Ava Tax.

All these products are available with a 30-day trial under a test company or the Fabrikam company within Dynamics GP.  You can view more on these products by going to the Rockton Software web site: or for Dynamics 365 application downloads go to the Microsoft AppSource.

If you need one of these customized add-ons, give KTL Solutions a call. We’d be happy to implement it and customize it to your business needs.

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