KTL Solutions is preparing for the 14th year hosting our annual EMPOWER 2019 Technology Conference. The conference will be held at the Chevy Chase, MD, Microsoft Technology Center on May 15 & 16. 

Not sure if you want to attend the conference? Here are some reasons you should attend: 

  • Sessions will be centered around a range of burgeoning and trending technology including Microsoft Azure, Cyber Security, Dynamics 365, Power BI, and more. 
  • It’s our 14th Annual Conference, so we know what topics you are interested in. 
  • We have speakers from all over the country, including experts from Microsoft, that are highly knowledgeable in the software solutions you use every day. 
  • On-site consultants to answer any of your questions pertaining to your unique organization and allotted time for networking with other professionals. 
  • By attending both the VIP training sessions on Wednesday, May 15 and many of the educational sessions at the conference on Thursday, May 16, you will have the chance to receive CPE credits! 
  • And, most importantly, there is always delicious food, great conversations, and lots of valuable information.