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Dynamics CRM Update Brings FieldOne and ADXStudio Intergration

When Microsoft acquired FieldOne and Adxstudio, I was curious about what that would mean for the future of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.   With the recent CRM 2016 Spring Wave update, we now see the fruits of those acquisition.  The integration of both FieldOne and Adxstudio help turn Dynamics CRM into a full spectrum customer service solution, providing capabilities for both field service and portal solutions for customer engagement. These new additions allow users to have Web portal functionally integrated into Dynamics CRM. Organizations can now utilize preconfigured

The latest Microsoft CRM  update came in three distinct waves:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 1
  • Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.5.

Integrating new technology is not all that Microsoft has added to this round of Dynamic CRM updates.  Microsoft has also upgraded the ability of Dynamics CRM to monitor the social media for customer sentiment. CRM taps into Azure Machine Learning to analyze both customer sentiment and identify customer intentions in real time. The solution utilizes this data and based on the intentions, automatically create records for cases and leads in Dynamics CRM.

“Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based predictive analytics tool that is part of Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite. It enables people who do not know much about predictive analytics, or people without programming skills, to mine datasets for insights.”(Microsoft Dynamics now a Full Spectrum CRM, Par. 7)

For more information about Microsoft CRM, or if you have questions about this update, please contact KTL Solutions via email,, or by phone at 1-866-960-0001.


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