Month: November 2015

How to track projects using CRM


Before I present the options and the different ways to track projects in CRM, let’s look at the different aspects of project management that would be needed in any organization. 

  1. Resource Scheduling 

  1. Project planning &tracking 

  1. Time & Expense entry 

  1. Ap

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Riddle Me, Query Me: Asking the Right Questions.

Everybody has dirty data. If you are lucky, on a normal business day it isn’t noticed very much, if at all. But, during a data migration, it can cause more than an embarrassment. It can cause a whole implementation project to come to a stop. Or, in extreme cases, it can make the whole dataset unusable. 


Business data is valuable. Data is wanted for the convenience it brings. And, data is needed for legal reporting requirementsWe can’t just throw dirty data away. We must respect the body of knowledge.  

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Modification to Bulk Update the Parent Account: MSFT Dynamics CRM

No one enjoys opening up each record, one at a time, to update a field with the same value in your company’s CRM. This is why the bulk edit feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is such a great tool, especially if the field you need to update is a Lookup field. This ends up saving a bunch of clicks and ultimately, time. One thing I never really noticed though, is that while most fields can be edited there is one on the Account that stood alone. The Parent Account. Since I hadn’t had a need to ever update this field en masse myself it wasn’t until a client wanted to change the Parent Account on multiple records that I realized CRM has the lookup link grayed out. Meaning, Read More »

Connections between Dynamics GP and Excel

Dynamics GP interfaces with Excel in several different ways.  The most common ways are through built in functions like Smartlists, Excel Budgets, and Dynamics pre-defined Excel reports.  These are the base interfaces, but there are also several other methods to link GP data to Excel.  Some of the other ways are through an ODBC driver, a third party add-ons, an Excel connection, etc.  In this article, we will discuss the base methods as well as the Excel connection, as these are the quickest ways to get linked.

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Leverage Your GP Reports Outside of GP!

Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with around 260 SQL reports ready to be used? These reports can be used right out of the box and they don’t require any modifications. Imagine if you could make these reports available to non-GP users; just put them on your company’s internal website; or build an iframe in CRM and display GP data inside CRM. Well, you can do all of this and more if you manage to get these reports out of GP. The way to do this is to deploy them to SQL Server Reporting Services.

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Learning How to Sell Business Applications

I’ve had years of experience in the consultative selling world of IT, hardware, software, and professional services. My clients are located in both the private commercial sector and public sector arenas. I recently switched to selling business applications, and although most of my knowledge transferred, there have been some new twists. 

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How to Copy Word Template Formats

When working with Dynamics-GP we often go to format an invoice and realize that the return document or the order document are essentially the same format.  We don’t want to have to spend the same time manually formatting the other documents when it would be easier to just copy the formats.

It isn’t as easy as just renaming the word template and importing it into GP; but it isn’t that hard as well.  Below, I have documented the steps in the scenario of creating the SOP Blank Return from an already formatted SOP Blank Invoice word template. 

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Uploading Journal Transactions in Acumatica Cloud ERP

Most of us have experienced the pain and agony of having to hand-key a very large, multiple line journal entry. You add G/L account number after G/L account number, debit after debit, and credit after credit. You get to the end of the very long journal entry press the save button only to find that your very long, multiple line journal entry is out of balance. So you start your quest. You go line by line comparing the numbers you keyed against your source documentation to ensure that all of the numbers have been entered correctly. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the data entry error in time so that the last thing left to eat in the cafeteria for lunch isn’t a cold grilled cheese sandwich.

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Real Time Data Warehouse ETL (Part 1)

Part 1 – Implementing Service Broker as a Real Time ETL Tool

The cheapest and easiest way to solve the real-time ETL problem is to not even attempt it in the first place, but we live in the real world and businesses are saying that:

·      Viewing yesterday’s data is no longer sufficient.

·      They need a faster reaction time to respond to threats and opportunities. 

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How are the Parature and Marketing Pilot Purchases for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Coming Along?

Last year, Microsoft unveiled a comprehensive set of new Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities by purchasing a social listening tool, a social engagement tool, a marketing tool, and a customer service tool.  This customer service tool, or “Customer Care” tool, Parature, and the marketing tool, Marketing Pilot, has been integrating into CRM for the last year and are now ready to help organizations match their customers to the right products and services, engage with them in the right way at the right time, and nurture their relationships.  

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