Day: August 14, 2014

The Cloud is not as Scary as we thought, Right?

When you look up to the sky, what do you see? Blue sky, birds, clouds? I see a cloud and instantly think millions and millions of bytes of data.  There is data all around us.

I was laying in my hammock the other weekend just admiring the world around me. Listening to the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, my koi pond waterfall flowing, and I found myself staring at the sky.  Next thing I know, the tech geek came out of me and I started thinking about “the cloud” and all the bytes of data we have up in the cloud: pictures, documents, music, movies, etc.  Think about this for a minute: We transfer data wirelessly from device to device with minimal interruption (for the most part I know).  Data is passing around us all the time and we are oblivious to it because you cannot see it nor feel it. We don’t care where it is stored or how it gets to us, but what we do care about is that it is there when we need to pull it up from our devices. 

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