Day: August 11, 2014

The future of Dynamics GP architecture – “GP Next”

Traditionally, ERP has been a large software package with a substantial server installation as well as a large client application. Along with the maintenance of the server components of ERP you would also have to maintain the client installations with regular updates and service packs. Even with MS Dynamics GP you have to maintain the client installations with service pack updates and new add-on installations, over years it has eased that process by way of auto application of the Service packs and using other MS systems like System Center. MS Dynamics GP is not a simple application. It has enterprise level functions to perform and needs to cater to different needs of various departments in an organization. Currently, we live in times where your applications auto update and the installation of apps on your mobile device can even be done by babies, so can this model of simple application management be replicated to Dynamics GP?

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