Day: July 2, 2014

Advanced Allocations in Dynamics-GP

Dynamics-GP provides the capability of performing allocations when posting transactions in the system.  Out of the box Dynamics provides two methods of allocating, fixed and variable.  For most organizations these two methods of allocations is sufficient.  But what if your requirements are more complex?

Think about if you were a government contractor.  You need to allocate costs for G&A, Fringe, and Overhead.  This can be a very complex allocation process.  Or maybe you have your own trickle down allocation process. This could be where you have an allocation within an allocation that then takes the costs allocated by labor hours with the result and finally, allocates it again based on products produced.

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Sharing Records through a Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you the ability to restrict access to records among your users through the use of business units and security roles. This can be useful in situations where you do not want sales team members to see and edit each other’s opportunities or even contacts and accounts, which they may be working with.

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