Month: June 2013

Attaching Files in Dynamics GP

File attachments allow you to provide supporting documents to particular records in Dynamics GP.  For instance, you may want to associate an Excel spreadsheet with a particular vendor:

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3 SafePay Setup Tips for Microsoft Dynamics GP

SafePay creates a file you can send to your bank detailing the checks/and or EFTs you have created during a given time period, so the bank can match that up to what tries to clear your account. In doing so, you can address any discrepancies.  It is an excellent security measure for avoiding theft…

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Is SQL Server Memory Settings Affecting Your Server’s Performance?

By default, SQL Server’s max memory is 2147483647.  With this default setting, SQL Server will “commit” as much memory as possible until there’s none left for the operating system to run efficiently.

If the operating system has no memory available, it will start using the page file instead of RAM. Using the page file in place of memory will result in poor system performance.

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