Non-Profit Accounting Software

ERP Solutions Enable That Non-Profits To Spend More Time On The Cause 

Non-profit organizations are continually challenged by shrinking budgets and an increase in the need for services offered. Effectively managing your finances can be complex and time consuming as not-for-profit organizations are required to keep accurate records, provide financial transparency, and adhere to ever-changing regulatory compliance. To meet these challenges, many non-profit organizations are implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions designed to give organizations the ability to easily create and manage budgets, automate data entry and reconciliation, reduce human error, and provide detailed financial reporting.

Trusted by non-profits nationwide, KTL Solutions has extensive experience working with many types of not-for-profit organizations to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and help maintain regulatory compliance.  We are adept at understanding business processes, analyzing operations and identifying pain points to deliver accounting solutions that reduce or eliminate paperwork and administration overhead.

AMS Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

As the competitive landscape for donations increases, many non-profit organizations are turning to DONOR AND MEMBERSHIP management solutions to provide an edge.  Whether your non-profit is targeting individual or corporate donors, government agencies, members, partners, or volunteers, the key to success is fostering and maintaining these relationships.  Our CRM solutions empower organizations to increase monetary and time donations, monitor grants and pledges, and build brand awareness through one centralized database.

With a seasoned team of experienced Microsoft certified developers, KTL Solutions has the ability to customize your AMS solutions based on the unique needs of your non-profit organization. We can also provide seamless integration between your AMS and ERP system so that all financial, operational and marketing tasks can be handled through a single platform. Our integrated solutions help not-for-profits:

  • Easily create and maintain budgets 
  • Automate data entry 
  • Provide detailed financial reporting and transparency 
  • Effectively market your cause through specific campaigns 
  • Meet industry or regulatory compliance mandates
  • Manage memberships within the organization
  • Successfully track donations from donors